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Funerals to reflect your style


Your choice

Long gone are the days of a 'standard' funeral. Now it is only a decision between having a cremation or burial, or natural burial which is becoming more popular, but also the type of service you would like. Choice can lead to confusion but Precious Reflections will work alongside your funeral director to ensure everything runs smoothly. Should you be so inclined you don't even have to employ a funeral director, you can do a lot of it yourself. Speak to us  for all  the help you need.


 This is how we work together. Just tell your funeral director that you wish Janet to be the celebrant  or contact her directly at Precious Reflections. Janet will arrange a visit, a chance to tell her something about the person whose life is being celebrated and what sort of service you may like. At this stage things can be confusing so Janet will be back in touch, several times if needed, to ensure everything will be how you want it. Janet will then contact you to go through the service and ask for any changes you would like to make. 

Female Violinist

Words & music

Words and music make a funeral really personal. You may already know what you would like but if not we are more than happy to make suggestions after speaking with you. It can be a classical piece of music, or from the charts. Readings can be anything from the Bible to Winnie The Pooh or you can write your own. Also think about how you would like to do the readings. It can be a privilege to be asked, but some people find it overwhelming. We are happy to do the readings if you wish.


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