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Baby naming

Are a non-religious alternative to Christening to formally welcome your child to your family and friends.


This ceremony can include symbolic elements, such as a sand ceremony. This ceremony can include supporters for the child and family (God Parents) and each if they wish can take part in the ceremony expressing their wishes for

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the child’s future or to read a poem. The ceremony can take part in a venue of your choosing, your home, a hotel, community centre, public house or an outdoor venue such as a park or your garden.  

New families often have a ceremony to blend all the members of the family, parents, children, and grandparents. This is lovely way to blend all families together. Again, as for baby naming the venue is totally your choice and can include symbolic elements such as tree planting.


As with all ceremonies the content, readings, music is your choice.

Weddings and Vow renewal

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For couples who want a ceremony to represent who they are as a couple and their hopes for their future life together. I work closely with each couple and end with a ceremony that is unique to them and tells their story. As part of this ceremony symbolic elements can be included. Popular are hand fasting’s, sand ceremony and jumping the broom but many more can be included. 

Vow renewals

Are becoming increasingly popular to celebrate milestone anniversaries. This can include elements from your wedding plus representing who you are as a couple now. Whether you have been married 10, 25, 50, 60 or more years it is a wonderful to celebrate that milestone. Many couples who choose to get married abroad often have a ceremony and celebration for family and friends who were unable to join them on  their big day. Or for couples whose wedding day was restricted by Covid rules. As I have mentioned some of the symbolic elements you can include, there are too many to mention. Here is an explanation of the most popular ones I get asked for.

Hand fasting

Has its roots in an ancient Celtic tradition. It is the origin of the sayings tying the Knot and bound in matrimony. It symbolises binding the couple’s life together. And was used when there were no legal marriages and would show people in the town or village that couple had entered of their own free will to enter into marriage. As the you are being bound you can say your vows to each other, and the cord is then removed without untying the knot signifying that the couple are bound together for the rest of their lives.

Sand Ceremony

Is a lovely ceremony, the couple have a different colour sand and take turns into pouring their sand into a central container. The symbolism is that if no one could separate the sand into the separate colours. Therefore no one can separate the couple. Sometimes the parents of the couple are invited to pour a different coloured sand with the couple blending the two families.

 Jumping the Broom

This is thought to be an American Slave service to show others that they have entered into a marriage. However, Jumping the Broom has been a marriage rite which dates to around 1700 in Wales. A broom is placed so the couple jump over the broom signifying jumping from their single life to their new life as a couple. Both the Sand Ceremony and Jumping The Broom can be as informal or formal as you would like with your music and reading choice also inviting family and friends to take part in the service. The venue you chose does not have to registered for marriages. This opens your choice of venue to your home, hotel, or outdoor venue such as beach or park.


I am always honoured to help families do the last thing they can do for their loved one. This includes services at the crematorium or cemetery but also to continue the celebration of someone’s life at the wake. With Covid restrictions many families have be unable to have the goodbye they would like and now restrictions have eased are now having a celebration of life gathering of family and friends to share memories and have the goodbye they would wish. Or a service to scatter or intern a loved one’s ashes. As with all ceremonies this important life event incudes music, readings that represent your loved one and to celebrate their life.

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